5 Genius Pet Products!

#1: A perfect Cat Hammock to optimize small spaces! Great for apartments! And your cat will love it too!



#2: Kitty Cot! My cats love these! And you can move them from window to window for variety! View Kitty Cot Here.



    #3: Leash Umbrella. Oh my! This is genius! I thing I need to buy one and review it!




#4: Potty Grass for apartment life! Also great for potty training! Potty grass is a tray of REAL grass and is disposable! A genius product for apartment living or new puppies!



#5: Slow Feeding Dog Bowl.  Does your dog gulp his food down in 10 seconds or less? The curvy nubs in the bottom of this bowl keep your dog eating at a slower, safer and healthier pace. Genius!