Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your pets?

….Was one of your pets just diagnosed with a medical condition?

….Did the puppy completely destroy your new sofa?

….Is the cat lying on your computer while you try to finish the report your boss screamed at you must be turned in tomorrow?

….Are you tripping over the dogs as they follow you from room to room?

You’re not alone!

Medical conditions can be especially hard to stomach alone.  Sharing the emotional trauma with a kind friend or family member can really help.  Or even calling your pet sitter, Me!  I am always available to talk to my clients when they are having a difficult time with their pet. Seriously, call me, I will talk to you!  Don’t try to go it alone at times like these.  A good, clear headed friend can really help with support. Talk to a lot of people, don’t keep those emotions inside, it won’t help you make good decisions and it’s not good for your health either.


Puppy just peed on your new bed?  Oh my gosh….very frustrating.  EEK, it just cost you $1500 for that mattress!   But remember, these things can be replaced.   Remember the time you crashed your parent’s car….it’s kind of like that.  We all screw up sometimes, and your pet is going to screw up sometimes too.  So try to make the best of the situation and remember they will also bring you much joy in the 10-15 years you may get to have them.



Your cat is waking you up at night or always on the computer when you are desperate to send that email?  Grab come catnip and put it out for him.  It may give you just enough time to fall back asleep or finish that email!  Have a stash of new catnip mice that you only pull out when you are desperate for a moment of “me” time.


Are both your dogs following you from room to room while you try to put laundry away and clean the house?  Staring up at you with the “Mommy! Mommy!  I need you to pay attention to me!”  look?  Oh my gosh I’ve been there. You are probably overtired, working too much, haven’t had time to walk them, and you’re feeling stressed and inadequate.  It’s ok, you can’t be “Super Owner” all the time.  Take some time, go sit down outside to get grounded.  Give them a couple chew toys, or smear some peanut butter on a plastic Kong toy while you take a 10 minute sanity break.  Don’t pull out Facebook on your 10 minute break!  Breathe in some fresh air and look up at the trees and sky.  Life is going on all around you and you just lost a bit of touch with it.  It will be ok.

Sometimes our pets can feel very overwhelming.  Let’s face it, they are a lot of work.  We love them, but sometimes the stress just stacks up.  It’s ok, just remember to take a moment for YOU!   Sit outside and reconnect with the earth, get that nap, pick up some to-go food if you are hungry.  Fall down and cry if you need to!  It’s ok you can do this.

Bottom line….it’s ok to sit down with your broken pieces until you can get back up again.

Much love and hugs!   ~Carole Hopkins, Pawsitively Petsitting

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