Why Do Some Pet Sitters Charge More Than Others?




Pet Sitters charging less, may frequently take over 15 visits in one day.  My Goodness!  That’s Crazy!… you say?  Yes, you are correct!  They may cram in a large amount of jobs in order to make enough money. Therefore sacrificing Quality.   A Pet Sitter with a higher rate, does not need to squeeze in as many jobs, and is available to handle an emergency if it arises. Like getting your dog or cat to the vet instead of having to run off to the next scheduled pet on the roster.

~ Here Are Some Other Points to Consider that Affect Price Point, Quality and Service, When Choosing a Pet Sitter for Your Fluff Muffins :


Employees – Check with your pet sitter to see how many employees they may send to your home.  Many different employees entering your home can affect the quality of your pet interactions.  On the other hand, services that hire many employees can usually offer more flexibility and availability.



How Long the Pet Sitter Has Been in Business – You may find that a new, start-up sitter may charge less to gather business.


The Age of the Pet Sitter – You may find younger sitters charge less due to limited experience.


Does the Pet Sitter Carry Insurance An established sitter will carry insurance, and therefore may charge more.  Insurance coverage shows stability of the business.



Where the Pet Sitter Lives – A pet sitter that lives over 20 minutes from you may need to charge more to cover time and fuel costs.  Finding a sitter close to your location is best.


The Maximum # of Pets Visited in One Day –  Less expensive sitters may charge less, but they may also try to fit in more visits to make up the financial difference.  A pet sitter with a higher rate, will likely schedule less visits per day, to ensure quality and ability to handle a medical emergency, should it arise.



Communication – A quality sitter may charge more because they provide excellent communication during the entire process of your interaction.  Starting with emailing confirmations of “meet and greets”,  emails detailing reservation information, and communications with you the entire time you are traveling.  A less expensive service may not have any communication with you while you are away.  Check each company’s policies on communication.



Is Your Pet Sitter Working a Part Time Job – Some sitters may be juggling a second job, this can affect Quality & Service.


Are Small Children Accompanying Your Pet Sitter? – Pet sitting has always been a good job for stay at home Moms – Check with you sitter to see if they plan on bringing their child along.






You may prefer the flexibility of a Larger Service, that has many employees to choose from.  Or you may prefer the close personal relationship of a Smaller Service that offers immediate contact between Client & Pet Sitter.

Choose the best fit you YOU.  Always go with your GUT.

~ If it feels wrong ~ it probably is ~

~ If it feeds right ~ it’s probably right ~

Sincerely, Your Pet Sitter, Carole Hopkins ~ Pawsitively Petsitting, The Woodlands, Texas