Vet told you to jam that pill down your pet’s throat?  NO WAY!  There is an easier method.

Pills and Pets – not always a good mix.  If your pet is one of those that fits into this description, watch my video tutorial on how to make your pet’s pill into a liquid form, and use a syringe to dose.  You can even add some gravy to make it more palatable.  So the whole ordeal can be a little easier for everyone.

Also remember, some medications can be compounded at special pharmacies.  Exact doses and flavor can be added to entice your pet to take them easier.  These pharmacies are now readily available and cost effective too.  Some medications can even be applied transdermally (absorbed through the skin).  These transdermal medications are very favorable for cats, who can be extremely difficult to dose.  Not all medications fall into these descriptions, but check with your vet.  It is worth the time to ask, and your pet will thank you.

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Your Pet Sitter, Carole Hopkins, Pawsitively Petsitting, The Woodlands, Texas