Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Neighbor’s Kid or Your Ex To Take Care of Your Pets



They Don’t Show Up.


Really?  They don’t show up?  Is this even possible?

Yes, yes and yes.

This has happened so frequently, I have lost track of how many stories I have even heard about it.  I have been called by so many desperate clients telling me no one has been to their house in over 24 hours.  And when I arrive, the dog has defecated and urinated all over himself in the crate (or house).  No water is in sight, and the dog usually drinks from the bowl I provide for the next 5 straight minutes from being so thirsty.  And this is only one true story in which a pet was left waiting.

  • Another client asked a neighbor’s boy to care for their 2 dogs for a week.  One of the dogs was shy, and the boy was not able to get the dog to go out in the backyard.  So they boy apparently didn’t tell anyone, and the dog went potty in the house for the entire 7 days straight.  Is this really worth saving some money and stressing your pet out so much they freak out the next time you travel?  I think not…..
  • Another story from a client with a cat on daily medication told me she had a girl coming over that she found through a recommendation. The girl was unable to medicate the cat and never cared to let the owner know.  The cat became so sick that it had to be rushed to the ER when the owner returned, almost died, and the owner ended up with a $2000 vet bill.

Even an ex-husband or ex-wife not showing up?  Yes, it has happened to my client.  And luckily, they had me checking in so the cat indeed ended up being fed.  Let’s face it, your ex, your neighbor, your friend…..they DON’T REALLY want to take care of your animals.  Your probably hardly paying them anything, and your pets are not priority to them.



They May Have a Fabulous Party at Your House!


Oh my goodness, no way!  Yes way….  

  • I have walked into one myself when a client asked me to check on their dog. A crew of about 20 under age teenagers drinking and swimming in my client’s pool.  Recipe for disaster!  Apparently they didn’t know I was coming!
  • One of my pet sitting associates walked into an unapproved party at her client’s house, complete with drugs and passed out teens on the carpet!

Do you really want to risk this happening?  An alcohol related drowning or drug related death at your house?  Just because you thought it would be nice to let the neighbor’s kid or your daughter’s friend stay at the house?  I know it sounds inviting….the dog won’t be alone as much and it is probably cheaper.  And you know the young person, and they would NEVER do that.   Don’t kid yourself…….These are only a few brief stories from current clients of mine that had these horrible situations occur, there are too many to write about here…..

Will this happen if you hire a Professional Pet Sitter?  Probably not.  If the Pet Sitter you hire ONLY does pet sitting for their profession, they will take your pets care VERY seriously.  If they are doing pet sitting “on the side” or “just for fun”, they may not be for you.  If they can fall back on their spouse’s income, they may not need the job and not take it as seriously.  Choose a pet sitter that works full time at pet sitting, and invests a lot of money in their website and advertising.  If the don’t do this, they may not be fully invested emotionally to care for you pets.  

A quality pet sitting company wants repeat, good customers.  If they didn’t do their job properly, they wouldn’t have good customers like you!

Sincerely, Your Pet Sitter,

Carole Hopkins, Pawsitively Petsitting, The Woodlands, Texas

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