We are very proud  at Pawsitively Petsitting!

One of our VERY own has reached Super Stardom!

I would like to introduce my employee’s ferret…..





Marvin just hit the big screen, with his very own photo shoot with Chewy.com in Dallas!  Marvin has always had a unique personality, and we are sure this is going to go to his head! He will probably bite more fingers than ever now!


All joking aside, ferrets are fabulous and fun pets, but they are also mischievous and can be a handful! Robin points out that the correct research should be done before adopting a ferret. Ferrets can live 5-10 years and It is recommended that you have at least $1000 per ferret in savings, and have an exotic vet chosen before you adopt.  That’s right folks!  Exotic Veterinarians come with Exotic Prices!
Ferrets as pets

Robin volunteers with Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue. She has seen many ferrets discarded because of their antics! And her volunteer work has helped many a ferret find a new loving home.  Marvin is one of those discarded ferrets, he had 3 prior owners before he was lucky enough to land with Robin!

Some Quick Ferret Facts:

  • Ferrets are carnivores so they require a diet of at least 40 percent protein… no fruits, veggies, or dairy!
  • It’s is best to have more than 1 ferret because they require socialization.
  • Ferrets require, at the minimum, a 3-tiered cage, and 5-7 hours a day, of free run and stimulation.
  • Robin does not recommend ferrets to anyone with children under 5.  Their spines are easily broken, and in rescue she has seen many ferrets turned in because a child has been too rough with them.
  • Pet Owners should also know they will  need to “ferret proof” their house… they can squeeze through an opening as small as 1/2 an inch!  That means under doors!  They also like to chew on cords, wires, plants, and can raid your other pet’s food too!   Lots of Mischief with these little cuties!

So here is Marvin in all of his glory!

Stealing the limelight and the star of the show!

Pet Ferrets are carnivores
Ferrets are good pets if you provide the right food and environment

Robin recommends Ferrets for Dummies Edition 3, as the ferret Bible, for those wishing to know “All Things Ferret!”


A big thank you to my employee, Robin, for providing all of the fun ferret facts!

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Carole Hopkins, owner of Pawsitively Petsitting

The Woodlands, Texas