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How To Help A Stray Cat

Good Question!  I’m glad you asked!

So you keep seeing this cat in your neighborhood and she isn’t looking so good.  She’s scratching herself and probably has fleas.  And your fairly sure she’s already had a litter of kittens.  You lay in bed tormented about her at night.   And you think you’re the only one that worries about her….

Well, most likely you are NOT the only one that worries about her.  I have been rescuing animals for 30 plus years, and there is ONE sure as certain fact I have learned:  There’s a VILLAGE of people worrying about this same cat.  The house down the way is feeding her, and the guy across the street too.  And the nice family behind you also has dishes out for her.

You’ve never given it a second thought….someone else worries about this cat too?


Ok, great, you say, I’m not alone!  I’m not the only crazy person laying awake worrying about this cat!  But I still don’t know how to help it!

I’m going to tell you how to help….Welcome to rescue my Friend.

The first thing you need to do is put on your Big Girl or Big Boy Pants and go knock on all your neighbors doors.

Oh my!  So scary I can’t do that!  I’m so shy!  My neighbor is a creep!  They will think I’m crazy!  Ok, go back in your house and lay awake again at night about the cat.  That kind of thinking will get you no where.

  • Snap a photo of the cat if you can, and bring it with you when you canvas the neighborhood, (either on your phone or print it).  This will make the conversation with your neighbors go easier for you scaredy cats…no pun intended….
  • Ask each neighbor, “Have you seen this cat?  I’m really worried about her, I’d like to help.”  You will get 2 people that say, “oh that darn pain in the butt cat, I can’t stand that thing!”  Smile politely and tell them their flower bed looks great, then walk away.   The rest of the 7 people will say, “oh my gosh!  I can’t sleep at night worrying about her!  That poor little thing, she’s already had kittens, I wish we could do something!”


This is when your awesomeness jumps in and says, “Have no fear!  I know what to do!  We can get her spayed at the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in town.  It’s called TNR – Trap Neuter Release!

It only costs about $40 – $50 and that covers the surgery, rabies, distemper and ear mite treatment.  We can get her flea treatment for an extra $10 too!  She just needs a place to stay the night of the surgery.  Maybe we can get the neighbors to pitch in $10 each to cover the clinic costs.  Then someone else can keep her in their bathroom to recover for one or two nights.  I know a pet sitter that has a trap and she will help us catch the cat.”

That’s when the 7 people will say, “Wow that’s awesome!  I didn’t realize it was that simple!”

And then you contact me.  I’m the pet sitter with the trap.  I’ll help you catch the cat.

Alright well….

if you live in another part of the country I can’t catch the cat for you, but you can “borrow” the cat traps from the Low Cost Clinics, like Texas Litter Control here in The Woodlands, Texas.  You can also search this map for Low Cost Clinics Near You.  Or, if you are feeling frisky….!… they sell Havahart Rescue Traps at Home Depot for about $60.  A worthy investment if you live in a part of the country with many stray animals that need your help!


Magic rescued 2017

Butterscotch rescued 2017






                     On a serious note…..Houston has one of the highest animal euthanasia rates in the entire country….

Upwards of 100,000 animals are euthanized in Houston per year.  Yes, you read that correctly – 100,000 EACH YEAR.  Here in YOUR town, Houston.  If you think this is normal, it’s not.  Other parts of the United States do not have this problem.  The Shelters in New England get ENTIRE tractor trailer shipments of unwanted dogs from Texas…. a bandaid that does not solve the root of the problem.   Still not yet embarrassed for your town?  Then read this Houston Chronicle Article that tells the REAL story of what is going on at our local Houston Shelters.  Not much has changed since the article’s publication in 2006.  These are sad statistics to share, but I must.

You CAN make a difference, get that stray cat spayed or neutered. The feeling of a job well done, with the added benefit of creating community in your previously small world is priceless.  If you need advice with helping a stray cat, call anytime for coaching!

Patches is still looking for a home so she can get off the streets! Contact me for adoption!


Together we can move mountains!

If this article helped you or could inspire a friend to help a cat or dog, please share with the buttons below!  These cats need our help!

~Carole Hopkins, Pawsitively Petsitting, The Woodlands ~ Texas



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