Here are the reasons to Re-think Dry Kibble in your Cat’s diet.

Dry Cat Kibble was crafted as a convenience for 20th Century On-the-Go pet owners. After all….convenience is everything with the fast paced lifestyle we live, right? And the Brown Rice and Sweet Potato described on the labels sounds pretty appetizing….so it must be ok, right?
Not so much…
When you really break down the health related problems stemming from dry cat kibble, you may want to re-think your choices. Don’t get me wrong, my cat loves the stuff, and when I am out all day, I feel obligated to put kibble out for him so he won’t starve. Well….maybe he won’t starve, but he thinks he will……

Reason #1 :

Dry Kibble contains Starches, when in fact, Cats are “Obligate Carnivores”

What does that mean…? …It means, cats are created to eat meat only. I will repeat, meat only.
Nature never intended for your cat to digest starches as well as humans. So that yummy sounding Brown Rice and Sweet Potato are actually not good for your cat. The reason these starches are in the kibble formulation is to stabilize and hold the food together in a solid “crunchy” form. Other than that, they have no value to the cat, and are actually detrimental.


Reason #2 :

Cats require adequate moisture levels in their digestive system to remain healthy.
Cats, by nature, do not drink a lot of water. Cats originated in arid climates (think Lions and Tigers). Water is scarce in these climates, so cats evolved by getting a fair amount of moisture from their live kill. Putting these two factors together, we can see this could get our little domestic cats into big trouble if we are only offering a dry food source. The resulting lack of moisture from a diet of exclusively dry kibble is a set up for UTI’s, painful crystals in their urine, and even deadly blockages in the urethra. If you have ever had a cat require a catheterization, you will know the pain, cost and emotional trauma that comes along with it.

So… what do I do?….you ask….

Well, it can be difficult to switch cats off dry kibble once they are raised on it. The best thing to try is introduce moist cat food varieties and hope they go for it. This can be difficult, but have faith! Any amount of moist food you can encourage your cat to eat is great! Even if he’s just eating a little, it’s better than all dry kibble.
There are lots of moist foods choices you can try. Canned food being the easiest to find. Raw diet is becoming very popular too, and can be purchased in most pet stores now. It is blended with the correct nutritional needs for your cat, and looks a bit like hamburger meat.
Some fun alternatives are raw chicken livers and things like sardines (packed in water!). Please remember these alternatives are a supplement or treat, as they will not have all the required nutrients (like taurine) that you cat MUST have.
Happy Feeding!
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