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Meet Carole

Who is Carole outside of her Pet Sitting business?  



Hi, my name is Carole Hopkins, owner of Pawsitively Petsitting of The Woodlands, Texas.  As a former Veterinary Technician, I understand the many stresses pets undergo when out of their home environment.  As a Veterinary Technician, I saw many cats and dogs not eating and stressed while they were boarded.  I knew I could provide a better solution, so I decided to open Pawsitively Petsitting.  The rest is history, and since 2004, I have been providing top quality pet care in the comfort of your pet’s own home while you travel.


To learn more about me, click and open the accordions below:

An accomplished equestrian

~I started riding hunter/jumper at 13 years old.

I have over 34 years’ experience riding, training and showing English. I began riding at 13 years old and my wallet has never been the same. It’s an addiction! If you ever want to visit my horse I would love to have you!

A former Veterinary Technician

I have 8 years of Veterinary Technician experience

I gladly offer my medical background and knowledge of animal behavior to ALL my clients. You are always welcome to seek my help with medical questions, behavioral issues or rescue advice. I am incredibly dedicated to my clients. I want to help with any questions you may have.

An animal rescue coordinator

~I rescue animals.  

LOTS of animals. Most of my rescue stories involve feral (stray), dogs and cats that are notorious for being difficult to help and catch. Here are 2 of the more challenging stories I coordinated that have happy endings:



~I also have a lot of experience with TNR of feral cats (Trap, Neuter, and Release of feral cats – to aid in slowing the growth of stray cat populations).

An incredible animal lover

~Yes that was probably me you drove by, on the side of the road, saving a turtle from oncoming traffic…

I have been obsessed with animals since I was born!

A wildlife rehabilitator

~My favorite wildlife to rehab are Raccoons, Opossums and Squirrels.

I haven’t had the chance to help a fawn yet. Maybe someday! My clients that need help with wildlife are welcome to call me or contact the organization I volunteer with:
Friends of Texas Wildlife