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Have a Pet Care Plan For Times of Crisis


Life seems to have a way of throwing us challenges exactly when we are not expecting them.  Times of crisis can be tricky, even if you are an organized person.  If you have pets, it can add an additional strain when the unexpected happens.  Do you have a pet care plan for a crisis?  Did a family member suddenly become sick?  Are you now in the position of traveling to the hospital or your parent’s home to help?  Has a natural disaster like the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida ever put you in a position of fear for your pet?


Some Considerations:


One of the best things you can do during a time of crisis, is to keep in close communication with your pet sitter.  Don’t have one, you say?  Never a better time than the present!   Most pet sitting companies will not take on a “New Client” requesting service the next day due to a crisis.  Both parties will not have time to meet ahead to exchange the needed keys and paperwork.   Establish a relationship with a pet sitter, like Pawsitively Petsitting, so they may be of help in a time of emergency.



If you or a family member are in poor health, call and speak with your pet sitter AHEAD.  Is you Doctor talking about scheduling you for an upcoming surgical procedure?  Alert your pet sitter AHEAD.  Let them know something is going on even if you don’t YET have a crisis.  Alerting your pet sitter that you have a family situation is a respectful way to let them know you may be faced with an emergency in the near future.  Your pet sitter will be grateful to know there may be a time coming in which you may call with a crisis.  The pet sitter will be more prepared to help you in your time of need.  This helps both parties prepare.


Natural Disasters are also a time when you should speak with your pet sitter in advance.  You and your pet sitter can come up with a tentative plan for any previously predicted hurricanes, floods or snowstorms.  There are occasions when you may not have the opportunity to plan ahead with your pet sitter.  You may be away on a 14 day cruise, and a crisis could present itself.  Will they be able to take your pets to their home if roads are impassable or power is out?  What will they do if a tree comes down on your house?  Having a basic plan is vital when your sanity is coming loose in a crisis. (Yet another reason not to hire the next door neighbor’s kid).  Have these crucial conversations at your initial consultation with your potential pet sitter.

Alarm System Considerations During Crisis:

Make sure your pet sitter is capable of contacting your alarm system company and has ALL necessary passwords.  Many new systems send out “emergency alerts” through the alarm box which can send a loud alarm every 30 seconds until re-programmed.  These emergency alerts can be devastatingly loud to your pets and cause extreme stress.  (Smoke Alarms will also do this for a week straight when the battery is low).  Make sure you go over how to address these issues in advance!

The Bottom Line:Prepare-for-pet-care-ahead

Always be prepared and hire a responsible pet sitter that you feel can handle emergency situations!


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~Carole Hopkins, Pawsitively Petsitting, The Woodlands, Texas