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Call me old fashioned, I believe in Small Town America…..A time when local businesses knew you by name.

When I started Pawsitively Petsitting many years ago, I had a vision I would provide premier pet sitting in The Woodlands for your cherished pets.  I can proudly say, we have offered VIP pet sitting in The Woodlands Texas, for over 15 years.

People ask me, “Why don’t you grow your company, and increase your income?”  But I know, as companies grow larger, the personal service generally disappears with it. Therefore, I have maintained Pawsitively Petsitting as a small VIP pet care service that knows all its customers by name.

We believe in building strong bonds with your pet and your family.   So if you’re looking for a Pet Sitting experience that’s as unique as your pet, where they’re treated like kings and queens, Pawsitively Pet Sitting’s VIP service is for you!

I’m pleased to say my happiness comes from:

  • A job well done
  • Happy and content pets that remember me
  • Clients that have a truly wonderful vacation due to their peace of mind

What kind of pet care service is best for me?

$ What You Get For Your Dollar $Pawsitively PetsittingLarger Pet Sitting ServiceKennel
Immediate phone access to the person caring for my petsYesNoNo
Is an adult caring for my pets?YesTeen or AdultTeen or Adult
Daily text updates FREE of chargeYesExtra FeeNo
Insurance coverage providedYesYesYes
Carole and her professional assistant the only people allowed access to your home?YesMany different EmployeesNo
Is the Owner a former Veterinary Technician? YesNot likelyNot likely
What Holiday Fees are charged?3 days around Holiday OnlyFull Week Surrounding HolidayNone
Who handles reservations and communications? Me!Several Different EmployeesSeveral Different Employees

*This comparison chart is a guideline only – please contact each business individually for their Terms of Service

Pet Sitting

In Your Home

From $30


Daily Updates & Pictures of your Pet
Love & Play for your Pet
Feeding, Refreshing Water
Medications Administered (additional fee)
Litter Boxes Scooped
Cleaning of Pet Food Areas
Trash Bins In or Out
Lights and Blinds in Home Rotated
TV or Radio On or Off
Plant Watering (additional fee)
Pool Skimmers (additional fee)

Home Style Boarding

In My Home

From $120


I also offer Home Style Dog Boarding services in my home. Home Style Boarding is a limited service which is offered to a select handful of dogs to assure top quality care. This is an exclusive service for discriminating pet parents aiming for top quality love and care in my home. Only 1- 2 dogs are allowed to stay at a time, so the service can be limited during peak times of year.
My home is a very quiet and peaceful environment. The perfect tranquil place for dogs that are predisposed to nerves and anxiety when away from “Mom & Dad”.
I highly approve of you bringing their beds and other comforts from your home! Their special food, toys and blankets are always welcome when boarding. At night we watch movies on the couch, and they are allowed to sleep in my bedroom too!
I also encourage pet owners with geriatric or post-surgical pets to call. I provide expert medical care due to my veterinary technician experience. It would be my pleasure to review my dog boarding services with you! Please call to say hello, I look forward to speaking with you!
Home Style Boarding is limited to small breeds only.

Terms of Service

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Release for Medical Attention

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Cancellation Policy

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