Home 5 Testimonials

Scott P.

My wife and I were very impressed with the services you provided. Great company and great job!


V. Myers

Carole, we just made it home and I think Sheldon was a little disappointed because it was us, and not you! LOL!

I appreciate you so much and I know Sheldon has enjoyed your company! You made it easy for us to relax while gone! We travel a lot and I will definitely use you again in the future!

Judy P.

Carole, Thank you for taking such good care of our little Mordecai this past week. He is back in his normal routine, like he hasn’t missed a beat. I think he wants to go back to your house! The fact that he is so comfortable with you is so wonderful.

Thank you!

D. Steggs

Carole did an amazing job watching our cat while we were gone. Carole was very professional. She braved the snow storm of 2021 to make sure our cat was ok. Very reliable. Carole answered all my questions and concerns while we were gone. She sent me pictures and videos of my cat everyday. I recommend Carole to anyone who wants to feel like your pet will be taken care of like family. Thank you Carole!

Joe C.

We love Carole, she is very professional and obviously loves what she does. We didn’t worry one bit because she kept in touch with us via text every day while we were away. My wife really worries about the dogs when we travel and Carole really made her comfortable so we could enjoy our getaway. One of our dogs is elderly and on a lot of medicines. We hired her because of her veterinary technician background and she took care of all the pills and medicines perfectly. We will definitely be using her again! A+

K. Thompson

I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your care for Hunter while he boarded with you. We felt it was a perfect experience for us all. I am so very glad we made the connection with you as our new pet sitter.

Thank you again!

N. Altizer

I don’t remember how we found you years ago as our pet sitter, but we’ve both said to each other how glad we are that we did.

You’re always there for us, and with a cat like mine and an owner like me, it’s a blessing.

Krissy Alexander

Carole is the greatest! We couldn’t recommend her more highly. She checked in with us frequently via text during our trip and we really appreciated her extra effort.

William Curtis

Thanks for the outstanding service. Pups was so much happier staying with Carole than going to the kennel.

Natalie B

I got in late last evening and the kids are looking great. Thanks so much! I appreciate your attention to the kids and will definitely call you again.

R. Wachtler

You don’t know how reassuring it is to know you are looking after the Boys. You allow us to enjoy our vacation and not worry about the kitties or the house. Thank you so much!

Erin A.

Before I met you, Moose & Patches went to several other places when I’d go out of town. However, they LOVED your house. They used to hide when they saw the suitcase. After they went to your house they’d sit at the door barking, ready to go whenever I pulled out a suitcase. So I know they loved it there!

C. Gunter

We decided to be unplugged on our cruise and didn’t worry a bit because we know they are in good hands. I truly feel comfortable and worry-free when it’s you taking care of the kitties. Thanks again!

S Creasy

Just walking in the door and what a pleasure to be so warmly received by Cissy, who was none the worse in our absence thanks to your amazing care. Carole, it warms my heart so much to see what loving care you take of my precious babies. We will for sure be using you always in the future!!

T Nossa

Thank you for the videos and taking such good care of our babies. Dan & I have been so incredibly impressed with the quality of the care you have provided.

T Esgate

Hi Carole, we are home and the girls are very happy and well cared for! John and I appreciate your outpouring of love and attention to details with the girls and our home. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tricks with us. We will all look forward to another visit from you!

E Wilkins

Ladies, thanks so much for all your help with the girls this week. I am ready to be home and cuddle them up! You ladies are amazing and I appreciate you so much!  Thank you for being so good to my girls!